Want to do some good this giving Season?

Every year, you try to find the perfect gift for your clients and colleagues to thank them.You want to impress them, but also want to give back - after all it is the season of giving.
Well, what if you can do both?

Introducing The Do Good Box - the gift that really does do good.

The Do Good Box

$89 + Delivery


The Do Good Box is packed with enough Do Good Stuff to share around the office or with friends and family over the holiday season, without all the stuff that normal hampers just use as filler.  Perfect for those clients who technically can't get gifts...... who can say no to doing good?

Packed and secure in an A4 Kraft Hamper Box that goes in your recycling once you're all gifted out.  Branded with our Do Good Logo, your company logo can be added at no extra charge! Box size - 307mm x 220mm x 100mm



The Do Gooder Box

$110 + Delivery

When you want to make more of an impact, the Do Gooder Box comes with all the extras you need to ensure your gift is remembered across all parts of the office or home (and bathroom!!!). No junk filler stuff that you've never heard of - just good, honest brands and products that are not only fun and tasty, but useful and doing good.

A bigger box to fit all the goodies goes in your recycling once you're all gifted out so you can do good by the environment. Branded with our Do Good Logo, your company logo can be added at no extra charge! Box size - 335mm x 305mm x 155mm (internal dimemsions)



Gift giving has become a little bit of a drag.
A bit of a modern day dilemma.

We don’t want to buy stuff that is going to be wasted, we don’t want to give things that don’t mean anything, and we want to delight and make the happy 'feels' spread like butter on a warm day.

Hampers with snacks, chocolates and bubbles seem to be the go-to in the world of corporate gifts. Who doesn’t love a cheeky glass of bubbles? You can’t really get it wrong, but you can really DO GOOD!

We are able to make decisions each day that can help or empower people. So when Kate came up with the genius idea of creating the DO GOOD gift box - we were like - Hell YES!!! Let’s do it. Let’s add another level of joy to the experience of gift giving.

We know so many amazing companies on a mission to create businesses that give back to the community. That choose to run their business in a way that aligns with their personal values of supporting the community, the less fortunate or the environment. SO we thought, if you have to purchase corporate hampers, why not choose the ones that are supporting a bunch of good people who DO GOOD.

How it works.

Ok team, so it’s pretty easy.

  • You place an order -  We will ring to confirm, we know for most organisations there are things like purchase orders, and accounts departments and hoops, a lot of hoops.  So let’s have a quick chat, to get the invoicing and delivery details spot on.
  • We will also talk to you about CO-branding, there is no extra charge and we think your DO GOOD hampers would look particularly awesome with your logo on it.


Supporting these goodies